South Park: The Stick Of Truth is finally here. After numerous delays and no shows to the general public, very very limited game-play footage released, and the general hush around the game, it’s finally being released this week, having just been released on the 2nd March in the USA, and coming out on the 7th March in Europe. Lets not forget, the whole release schedule has had shit luck. THQ was heading up proceeding in the release of Stick of Truth, but after THQ went bust, the game went into publishing limbo, and nothing for months, but fortunately Ubisoft took over at the reins, and at last Obsidian Entertainments RPG turn based TV tie-in title can be released to the masses.


So what do we think.. Well have a read of our South Park: The Stick of Truth review now!

Review Snippet

“Antics are over the top and hilarious, even though you are just going round looking for a stick, everything in between is just filled with fantastic fan service and jokes, and events that will make you cry with laugher. Early scenes like your first real boss battle, Vs the Mongolians, seems like a great nod to the Bruce Lee film The Game Of Death, where you are going up levels of the tower to reach the top to scare off the Mongolian parents.”


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