What better way to warm the soul on a dark winter’s night than with an evening of live entertainment.

Now attention everyone, Thriller Live is not a musical using the songs of Michael Jackson, it is a fantastic two hours of pure hit after hit from the archives of a true legend.

So be willing to clap, sing and shake your body down to the ground (or just simply sway) and show your appreciation as this stunning cast bring to life decades of hits from Motown, to disco, to rock and pop.

You’ll love the ones you can never forget, be surprised at the ones you’d forgotten and reminisce at the clothes you once wore (yes we really did wear those clothes in the 80s!)

The crowd felt a little subdued at the start but the minor wardrobe malfunction from a couple of the male performers soon got the crowd going and up on their feet!

Standout vocal performances for me was Rory Taylor’s version of” She’s Out Of My Life” which gave me shivers and lead female vocals on “The Way You Make Me Feel” sung by Adriana Figueroa.

Britt Quentin has a striking resemblance to the man himself and many would be forgiven for believing he played the role of Michael Jackson until they appeared on stage together later in the show. Britt’s vocals were exceptional throughout the show.

The other male lead vocalist was also amazing – unfortunately he is not mentioned in the tour programme.

The dancers were vibrant, hot and flawless changing from Disco to hip hop to sultry in the blink of an eye. “Dangerous” and “Smooth Criminal” were definitely the crowd pleasers with a very believable Michael Jackson who has clearly perfected his craft and he brought the stage alive with “Billie Jean.” The girls were fabulously dirty in “Dirty Diana.”

My all-time favourite MJ song has to be “Man in the Mirror” which started the trio of hits highlighting important messages that Michael had to say about the world including “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Earth Song.” Interesting how 30 and 22yrs later (yes really) the lyrics are still as powerful, still carry as much meaning and still highlight that we still haven’t quite got it right.

Of course the show wouldn’t be complete without the signature “Thriller” mini-movie which got the loudest cheer of the night. All good things must come to an end and we were treated to a few more hits before the final bow.

If nothing else, Thriller Live proves Michael Jackson really was the king of pop, rock and soul whose unusual noises and dance moves are still admired and emulated today.

The perfect way to beat the January blues – Thriller Live, Royal Concert Hall Nottingham until Saturday 13th January