I’ve got round to reviewing The Wolf Among Us, and i couldn’t recommend it enough. All the hype these days may be going onto the likes of big budget releases, but arcade titles out there, still being released on digital platforms like XBLA, PSN, and PC Steam, are still good enough in every department.

Check Out My The Wolf Among Us Review, and see what you think.

Little Snippet Below

“Even from seeing the trailer with a talking dog to a talking frog I still wasn’t initially hooked, but having the experience of The Walking Dead, and being a massive fan of the point and click genre, adventure titles and Telltale Games episodic series, I still knew, even with initial hesitation, that I’d have to at least give The Wolf Among Us a go, and boy am glad I did, because this could very well be another fine notch in the Telltale bedpost of Game Of The Year awards!”

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