This weeks review is by Kristian Lander having a go at the 2013 remakes of the 1997 classic slasher Shadow Warrior. DOes it live up to the hype, is it anything to really getting slashy slashy about. Well it certainly sounds likes it.

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Little Snippet

1997 was the time, a strange time indeed. Teletubbies were at number 1 in the charts, yes that did happen! Hong Kong was handed back to the Chinese and 3D Realms were at their all time high Duke Nukem 3D a huge hit on PC and console and in 1997 saw the studio publish Shadow Warrior. One could call it a 1St person slasher? Striking out with a razor sharp katana, shurikens and pistols against foes of an evil corporation facing off against bosses in a Japanese surrounding.

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