Well its Halloween today, so what better game to play away from the norm of the Resident Evils and the Dead Spaces, is a game so bad, it might just make you scared shitless! Today I reviewed Ride To Hell Retribution. It can’t be that bad can it, well yes it can, and I’ve played it so you really do not have to, please I beg you… go trick of treating or something.

Have a read of the Ride To Hell Retribution review and see what you think.

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Little Snippet

“There are so so many points when on foot, trying to shoot an enemy that people run through walls, fences, or other people, its horrid. Add to the fact that even on higher difficulties there can be such a degree of stupidity from the enemies its unreal, some will be on the ball, ducking dodging out of the way and attacking at will, others will just be standing there, shooting either in the wrong direction or just blatantly not looking at you. More annoying than the stupid AI, is more of the level layouts. As said previously its over and over the same thing, but just the blandness and the unintelligent levels are grating.”