This weeks review is mystery drama abduction thriller film Prisoners. It has a bit of everything, and it should have with its 250+ minute runtime. Is it really worth the watch, well we think so considering our rating. Have a read and see what we thought, maybe it will tempt you to give it a watch.

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Little Snippet

We’re pretty much thrown straight into things. After a small family thanksgiving get together, and a little more booze than initially thought, the dads Keller and Franklin (Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard) along with mothers Grace and Nancy, (Maria Bello and Viola Davis) relax and wind down with a few games. After allowing their two young daughters to go outside and play about by their home which also has a creepy looking, dirty, dingy, RV camper van near by, it suddenly becomes apparent that their children are missing, and once its noticed that this suspect RV has also gone walkabouts, the conclusion is that their kids have been abducted.