Food glorious food. We all love a bit of grub don’t we, and what better food than a bit of US Style Diner food, burgers, chips milkshake, rollerskates and all….well minus the rollerskates.

We recently traveled down to London from our base in Nottingham, and decided to check in on Ed, and thats Ed’s Easy Diner!

Have a read of our Ed’s Easy Diner Review, its a bit on the tasty side


Little Snippet

“I had that feeling like I was Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future, not because the fact that it was an American Diner, not because the fact that people where ordering pints of milk and Pepsi Free, it was because ‘Its just a matter of time’ had already been played about four times before we had even ordered, Saying that though, it’s a good tune and the other five or six songs that where played were from that era, and movement from around that time, so it was all good.”

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