The old dog has a little bite in it yet, with games still being released on this generation there are still a few gems to have a play of, before everyone jumps on the next gen band wagon in a few weeks (at least in the UK). Well here’s one for ya, Deadfall Adventures by The Farm 51 and Nordic Games was released today, and here’s our review.


Have a read of out Deadfall Adventures Xbox 360 review.


Little Snippet

With slow down, poor frame rate, graphical glitches and awful lip syncing, it doesn’t look good, especially considering this was just the game intro, but once the game started all of this improved two fold. Colours looked bright, detailed and sharp, and the graphics improved. At first I thought I was going to be playing an ‘Uncharted’ clone, Uncharted for the Xbox 360, Uncharted for the PC, which this very well could be on a much smaller scale, but there are enough differences here to your other FPS  action driven titles. especially on these formats that you should get some enjoyment here.

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