The Snowman celebrates over 20 years mystifying audiences in the much-loved live stage version of the children’s classic.

The audiences were in their seats at the almost sold out Theatre Royal Nottingham, excited children couldn’t wait to see The Snowman and the children inside all of us too couldn’t wait to see curtain drop and the show to start.

The stage design was spellbound, with us watching the performance through a snow globe, which made it feel even more magical.

  Just like the book and the animation version, the audience warm to the characters, because the story is so iconic it had to do a lot to top our childhood memories, that being said there were plenty of people of all ages, children’s eyes lit up when The Snowman was on stage and looking at all the lights and effects which were taking place on stage.

The lighting effects and stage designs were beautiful making it feel like we all were all in a winter wonderland.

If the effects weren’t enough the live orchestra were so powerful, it out chills up my spine, just hearing the music we all know and love it was such a magical night to remember and the orchestra has a lot to play in making it that way.

The full cast put on a remarkable performance, from the backing dancers, Father Christmas to the boy himself. The last time I saw the performance here at Nottingham there was an issue during the main scene, which was the flying/walking in the air moment, The Boy didn’t fly and the curtains had to be pulled down quickly and an interval was quickly called, thankfully this didn’t happen this time and everything ran/flew smoothly.

Comparing the performance to the last time I saw The Snowman, this time the other snowman didn’t seem to have as much characteristics as they did before, as last time the Fred Astaire Snowman (Edward Stevens) seemed to dance around the stage more giving him the Fred Astaire name, also I thought Jack Frost (Domenico Ramelli) wasn’t as evil as he was last time, but for both actors they did put on a worthy performance and that’s not saying anything bad about how they did on the night it was just comparing to last time I saw the show.

  The woodland animal scene and the fruits from the fridge scenes were my favourite, the audience seemed to also agree with young members of the audience saying “wow” and “woo” seeing the dance routines and jokes on the stage with the colourful backdrops.

The Snowman is truly a remarkable show and I can’t believe how incredible the cast and crew make such an iconic story come to life in a way that makes you feel warm and happy inside.

‘Truly Beautiful and Magical’ 

Don’t be left out in the cold go see it!