It’s time to do the Time Warp again as The Rocky Horror Show comes to Nottingham again. Housed in the Royal Concert Hall section of TRCH, the auditorium was filled with a colourful mix of fans. Some in costume, some not, but everyone fitted in.
The 2019 world tour was due to have Duncan James playing Frank ‘N’ Furter but he was absent on tonight’s bill, I suspect there were a few disappointed Duncan fans in the audience, particularly a couple of lovely ladies behind me who asked me when he was coming on…I broke the news gently.

Standing in for Duncan was Kristian Lavercombe who filled the corset well and really got into character as the master of the house. Riff Raff was played by Andrew Ahern, and he was an excellent slave/servant/alien from Transexual Transylvania.

Having had the privilege of seeing Rocky Horror on stage in Nottingham a couple of times now, this again did not disappoint. Brad and Janet (James Darch and Joanne Clifton) were super tooth-achingly sweet, you almost felt proud of their transformation at the end, having had their minds opened.
The cast had the audience on their feet, singing and dancing to the well known music from the show, even engaging the audience with favourite lines from the show which brings on the traditional heckles.
The cast had amazing voices, especially Magenta (Laura Harrison) and Columbia (Miracle Chance) whose voices reached the rafters.

Ross Chisari played both Eddie and Dr Scott, he was great in both roles, although I would have liked him to slow down a little when playing Dr Scott, he still seemed to be in fast Eddie mode, but his comic timing at trying to hide the German roots of the Dr were fantastic.
Special mention goes to Philip Franks who was the narrator for the night, he engaged with the audience, responding to the heckles and just keeping everyone laughing and in high spirits, he had some great one liners. And of course I can’t not mention Rocky (Callum Evans), his leopard print pants and backlips drew cheers and whistles from the audience.

Rocky Horror show is simply timeless, it’s one of those stage shows that you could go to over and over again and still enjoy it more each time. It was so lovely to see so many people get involved and enjoy themselves and that is what Rocky Horror is all about…rose tinting your world.

Until next time Frank N Furter!

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