The Producers, a film favourite for me written by Mel Brooks and starring the late Gene Wilder is one of my great movie memories. I have loved this film for many years, I was eager to accept the opportunity to see the show. I forced my Son to come along and laugh with me because it would be his sense of humour too. As the date grew closer I started to get worried, what if it’s rubbish, what if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. I planned the scenes in my head and what I had to look forward to. We attended the show with anxiety; the Theatre was full with a mix of age ranges.

The story is set in America after WWII, a failing Broadway Producer is despondent after a further flop at the Box Office. Max Biallystock (Simon Theobald)is visited by an insecure Accountant Leo Bloom (Mark Coffy-Bainbridge) to look at the books. He jokingly suggests that if he could predict another flop, he could make a fortune. A light-bulb moment for the rogue Max who encourages Leo to change his life and be his partner in producing the biggest flop of all time and banking a fortune along the way.

The show sends you on a surreal musical feast of dance and songs featuring a group of Nymphomaniac Granny’s, an enthusiastic Gay Director with entourage ending with the wonderful 1st night glimpse of the production A Springtime for Hitler. The stage was full to bursting at times with actors dancing and singing to tunes with dubious lyrics. I was amazed at the Choreography and timing; there were very little mishaps with all the ambitious set changes and routines. The whole cast really pulled out all of the stops to entertain the audience. A great time with an enthusiastic crowd. A standing ovation given by a few of the audience, I wanted to join them but I was worn out. A must see for a good laugh out loud. A sassy performance from Amanda Bruce who played the love interest and starlet Ulla,and a big cheer to the cast.
Set 9/10

Performance 9.5/10
Bad points -Wobbly sets

Good points – The cast.
The Producer’s – Theatre Royal Nottingham – 25/10/16