For the play that’s meant to go wrong they got everything right!

The sold out audience on the opening night of the performance of ‘The Play that goes Wrong’ were laughing all the way through.

The production has everything you could imagine you’d hope wouldn’t go wrong, you had cast members fighting and arguing with each other, props breaking, sets falling apart and who could forget the laid back sound guy always not being quite on cue.

Very laugh a minute and slapstick, it was joke after joke just rolled into one, when you go over the laughter of what just happened something else would take you over the edge to be in fits of laughter.

When the performance started the cast and crew would interact with the audience which built up the funny business even before it began, hidden behind all the mishaps there was a performance all the cast were trying to finish not matter what it took, it was a murder mystery, which I was still trying to follow, no matter how difficult it was to with everything going on and going wrong.

All of the cast put on amazing performances each of their own enjoying the appreciation of the audience for their scenes, if you are a fan of the likes of Faulty Towers or Spam’alot then you will enjoy this.

It was the first time I had seen this production and I like everyone else couldn’t stop laughing, a production like this with all the cast running around, throwing themselves around and just having that much energy you can see they put their heart and soul into this production and personally I think it’s truly paid off.

‘Chris Bean’ played by Patrick Warner put on an amazing performance as Inspector Carter and the director, just so funny how you can see how he acted when he really wanted the show to carry on regardless of what is going on.

Adam Ryron who played the role of Thomas Colleymoore ‘Robert Grove’ gave an incredible performance, using his quick wit and facial expressions trying not to make it obvious that everything around him is going wrong and trying not to step out of character.

The rest of the cast all put on an outstanding performance this is a show not to be missed, you will be laughing until you can’t laugh anymore. (If that can even happen)

Photographer Credit: Helen Murray