Murder mystery doesn’t get any better than Agatha Christies’s The Mousetap. Once again it didn’t disappoint the audience of all ages at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal for its opening night.

As soon as the curtain opened we were greeted with a beautiful stage design which had atmospheric lighting and great use of props and costume designs.The story itself is a ‘whodunit’ which continued throughout the performance, which red herrings and spanners being thrown in at all angles for good measure, trying to solve the mystery was proving somewhat difficult. I personally thought the cast performed excellent, warming to each of the characters which they played, with the cluedo like characters from all walks of life it meant that everyone could a suspect.

  I’ve seen The Mousetrap once before but this time the acting I felt was incredible, that’s not to say previous shows and tours wasn’t amazing they were but I personally didn’t see any slip ups or mistakes and I thought that their acting talents were put to the test this evening being the opening night. 

 I felt that it made us all believe that we had witnessed a crime and we were along for the ride to put the pieces together and to solve the mystery.With all the serious storylines and acting, there were lots of laughs too, Nick Barclay (Giles Ralston) had that charm to him, and that lied back wit. Anna Andresen who played Mollie Ralston, put on a wonderful performance, she truly understand the role.There is always one guest or customer in every walks of life and Louise Jameson (Mrs Boyle) was the guest you wanted to hate, set in her ways which in her mind were the old ways or always the best ways, how Louise effectively delivered this was very well done.

Strong acting performances from Lewis Collier who played Sgt Trotter and Amy Downham who played the role as Miss Casewell, both gave the audiences a treat as to how good they really were, also have to mentioned that Tony Boncza who played the role of Major Metcalf was on hand to bring some old English ‘what what’ stiff upper lip humour and mannerisms.

  Normally when I see any theatre production, whether that be a musical or a play there are normally one or two actors which steel the limelight and put on outstanding performances, as previously mentioned the whole cast did fantastic but I would like to give a special mention to Gregory Cox who played the role of Mr Paravicini, when he arrived on scene he made me smile, with the way he moved around the stage and how it kept the murder mystery jokes lasting throughout the whole night.I couldn’t say a review but the show without taking the time out to explain how good Oliver Gully was, he played the role of Christopher Wren, he was busting with excitement and energy as soon as he came on set, making the whole audience laugh and was on hand to provide the best entertainment of the night.

The Mousetrap is and will always be one of the best murder mystery stage productions of all time.

 It has everything and more, go see it!