Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap invites itself to stay at the Theatre Royal Nottingham. The long running classic whodunit murder mystery will keep you guessing to the very end and even then will have you second guessing yourself all the way home.

The audience took to their seats and it was a packed house, over hearing conversations with people around me everyone for some reason forgot how the story ended, this is a good thing as this is one thing the cast ask of you is to keep the spirit of The Mousetrap alive by not to reveal the ending, thankfully I had forgotten it myself so I like everyone else wanted to film out what happened as the Monkswell Manor, guest house.

You can see straightaway why this is a long lasted and loved production, the costumes, lighting and all round look and feel of the stage design put you right in the thick of it, with jump and bumps and laughs along the way the whole cast really put on a great performance which the audience really enjoyed, I myself couldn’t stop smiling a parts and having to look around to see if anyone saw me jump at times.

Husband Giles Ralston (Played by Nick Biadon) and wife Mollie Ralston (Played by Harriett Hare) welcomed guests to the the Monkswell Manor, all different in their own right making for a interesting lineup of characters or should I say suspects.

I am trying to to give too much away as that is the whole excitement about The Mousetrap you have to see and experience it for yourself but needless to say there were some stand out performances from the cast which I will discuss later however, the cast included a familiar face from Only Fools and Horses, Gwyneth Strong (Who played the role of Mrs Boyle), she really gave it her all and made the character unlikable by the rest of the guests and audience which leads to something untoward taking place in the awful snowy conditions at the guest house, meaning no one can leave and making extremely difficult to arrive as an invited guest of course.

Lewis Chandler (Played the role of Christopher Wren) brought the laughs and he hand the audience in the palm of his hands, no sooner had he arrived on stage the audience were smiling and laughing, very well performed.

Saskia Vaigncourt-Strallen (Played the role of Miss Casewell) gave a really good performance and really liked the characters costume design as well, being strong and confident and not playing ball to the investigations didn’t help matters.

Geoff Arnold (Played the role of Sgt Trotter), had a lot of energy and kept all of us in the audience on toes even thou sitting down, I just liked how he also wanted to find out what happened at the Monkswell Manor as much as we all did in the audience.

David Alcock (Played the role of Mr Paravicini) also brought the humour to the stage in a darker kind of way, which I also found funny and so to did the rest of the audience.

Both Nick Biadon and Harriett Hare who played Mr & Mrs Ralston put on a great performance and so to did John Griffiths (Who Played the role of Mahor Metcalf).

I really couldn’t find fault with the cast, staging or anything come to think of it, which is why The Mousetrap is such a beloved production over the years, if you haven’t done so already “book your stay at the Theatre Royal Nottingham to witness one of the oldest and best whodunit mystery’s of all time. ”