A far cry from my usually, giggle-filled theatre trips, I went to see The Little Mermaid at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal – Northern Ballet’s world première of this well known Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. If you are expecting Disney princesses then this is not for you…but if you want a beautiful, enchanting, ballet adaptation of the aquatic love story then it is a must see.

Based more on the Hans Christian Anderson version and not Walt Disney, this is slightly darker than the fluffy ‘under the sea’, happy-happy sugar-coated cartoon. A tale of a beautiful but naive mermaid, Marilla (Abigail Prudames) who falls in love with the very human Prince Adair (Joseph Taylor) and the sacrifice she makes to be with him. Marilla begs Lyr, Lord of the Sea (Matthew Topliss), to give her the human form she so desperately wants, but it comes at a price – her beautiful voice. Unable to speak to tell the Prince who she really is, will she get her man? Or will she be left in pain and despair?

Such a beautiful mesmerising set with a cast of hugely talented dancers, I was hooked (no pun intended) from curtain up to end. The only thing I would say is that the main part of the set was two huge rocks on wheels that the cast move to either look like cliffs or the shiny briny sea bed. A few times they are separated with a gap directly down the middle and action would be going on in that gap…and unless you are sat directly staring down that passage, you cannot see the action. I was sat slightly to the right, I could see a little bit but not all, so the people further towards each end would not have known something was there to look at.

The costumes were amazing and I wanted them all for my wardrobe!

The dancers were all truly talented and flawless, they made the whole show look effortless.

On until Saturday 11th November, ‘catch’ this Mermaid if you can.

Story 8/10

Set 7/10

Performance 9/10