Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace delight us with their story of love, happiest and sadness in ‘The Last Tango’, in front of a packed Royal Concert Hall Nottingham.

The_Last_Tango_-_credit_Manuel_Harlan_(5)_galleryGeorge (Teddy Kempner) having a sort around in his loft with his grandson every so often checking on him by shouting up to make sure he is ok, George while he is up there just happens to stumble upon a number of stored items which bring back some treasured memories and this is how our story begins.

With each item George pulls out tells a story, a story between him and a young woman and how they met and how their relationship started and grew and their life together, from enjoying the day at the seaside where they first met to enjoying romantic meals and dances, but where there is happiest there is also sadness, George and his new-found love would be parted in a very emotional way.

Vincent Simone who played the younger role of George, took to the stage showcasing his outstanding dancing ability along with the incredible Flavia Cacace. The pair would dance their way through a whole host of fantastic musical numbers which included ‘Blue Skies’ ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ and ‘Moondance’ just to name a few, which were sung by male vocal Matthew Gent and female vocal Diana Girbau.

The_Last_Tango_credit_Manuel_Harlan_(9)The staging a lighting worked very well plus moving from one scene to the next was also pulled off seamlessly with the backing dancers and Ensemble keeping us entertained while not causing to much of a distraction while this was taking place.

I felt the story being told was presented well, there were lots of laughs giving to us by the older George, played by Teddy Kempner as he did funny sounds and noises whilst noticing this different pieces of his past in the loft, this seemed to keep the crowd entertained too, lets not forget the outstanding display that was taking place in front of us by the lead dancers Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, along with the Ensemble, they too gave one amazing performance dancing along side them keeping their routines in time and solid.

I did enjoy the performance, the first half I felt was better than the second half, as the second half I felt had more backing dancers or Ensemble dancers taking to the stage more, allowing Vincent ad Flavia to run on at the end of each scene to gain the applause, and move onto the next scene.

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As mentioned before the dancing was beautiful and throughout the performance this couldn’t be faulted, fans of Strictly Come Dancing will enjoy this show because it at times had the same sort of feel to it, with the lead backing vocal singing over their dance routine, plus each scene tells a story with dance.

Lovely costume designs and stage lighting and music accompaniment this was a lovely performance to go and see and I strongly suggest you do so to, this normally isn’t something I would go and see but I’m glad I did, I well and truly enjoyed every minute of it and they received a standing ovation from the audience at the end too.

Show dates: Mon 23rd May – Wed 25th May Running time: 1hr 40mins

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