Last night I watched The Invitation and I think I discovered a gem. It is probably one of the best thrillers I have seen recently and I have to recommend it. It is the kind of movie that invites a conversation during and afterward.
The Invitation is about a couple, Will and Kira who are randomly invited to a dinner party by Wills ex wife Eden who he has not seen in two years and her new husband David. As well as Will and Kira, there other good friends are also invited. 

You later learn that a tragedy occurred where Will and Eden’s son was killed in an accident two years earlier in the same house that the dinner party is being held in. Will is suspicious from the get go and thinks that Eden and David have sinister intensions.

The first thing I will say is that The Invitation is a movie for adults. If you are looking for an action packed horror or whatever do not bother watching it. The Invitation is a very slow building psychological thriller that keeps building up throughout. The story leads you to constantly question what is really happening at any given moment, and whenever you are certain that you know exactly what is going to happen, something new appears to make you question that.

The beginning and middle of the movie is slow but very intense. The atmosphere throughout the movie is very suspenseful. I was left glued to the screen and could not take my eyes off it. I was consistently guessing what the intentions of the hosts are. The fact that the movie kept my attention throughout but the phase is quite slow shows how intense the movie is. The final part of the movie just goes crazy. I won’t spoil anything but there is a twist.

The acting throughout the movie is fantastic. The main protagonist Will who is played by Logan Marshall-Green does a wonderful job. His character is the star of the show. I was left feeling sorry for him and then rooting for him at the same time. The supporting cast are also very good. Wills ex wife Eden and David are very creepy. There are some very interesting characters in this movie.

In conclusion, if you like slow building psychological thrillers with suspense and tension, you will love The Invitation. The phase is slow but if you are patient, you will be rewarded with a thoroughly enjoyable climax. I love slow building thought provoking movies so I am obviously bias towards it. If you are more into fast phased movies then I don’t think you will like it but you should give it a go. I highly recommend it.


Story 8/10

Cast 7/10

Scare Factor 6/10

The good – edge of your seat ending with fantastic performances

Bad – starts off very slow which can be a putt for some