Crowds gathered outside Inferno Nottingham to grab themselves ‘The Infernover’, we were lucky enough to be invited to taste one new and exciting take on a pizza and this is what we thought.

As we arrived you can tell that people came from far and wide or just around the corner as the minority of people in the queue were students and they had some kind of leaflet that entitled them to a free meal, plus they wanted to get their hands on something a bit special. The guys and gals from Inferno were out in full force talking to the crowds and making sure that the launch event ran smoothly. Inferno already doing well for itself here in Nottingham being located in a prime location opposite the newly refurbished Intu Victoria Shopping Centre.

Only ten people from the ever growing queue were allowed in at once and the general public couldn’t just walk in as there were staff on the door to kindly move them along or explain why there were queues, as it was first come first served with only 100 of the ‘Infernover’ being given out to the first 100 customers, this meant if you wasn’t there early you may miss out.

13177383_930482870402540_7249389438675498764_nMyself and ItsMuchMore editor Antony Onorati feeling the hunger, and knew we didn’t want to snack on anything before hand so that we could enjoy ‘The Infernover’, this was the first time for both of us even visiting the restaurant, we previously asked to test something from the menu at Inferno but they responded with “We feel our pizzas speak for themselves which is why we don’t give out freebies for review” , thankfully this time they did as we got our free ‘Infernover’ this also meant that we wanted to see if they were true to their word and that the pizza’s really were as good as they let on.
So let’s talk about ‘The Infernover’, it was kind of like a calzone pizza but smaller, which is why I gather they came up with the name and use the wording to sound like turnover as it looked like a folded up pizza with our selected filling.

As there were only 3 options of fillings/types Spicy, Veggie or Meaty of Ingerover meant it worked better for us as were were on the good and didn’t want to wait around deciding what else to throw into it and ruin or over power the main ingredients, we received our Infernover in a cardboard holder which had our name on it kind of like how Starbucks add your name to the cup and it had our chosen topping/filling too.

It seems like they are aiming to battle Greggs with their pizza slices as ‘The Infernover’ is a quick on the go meal/pizza to have to tuck into with its flat bread style and it mouthwatering tasty filling this was a great way for us to experience what Inferno can do.

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So myself an Antony had two different toppings/fillings I went for the meaty and Antony went for the Spicy and we both said they were well cooked with just the right amount of filling and we will certainly be returning to Inferno to grab ourselves another Infernover, we really have to take our hats (or in today’s case our sunglasses) off to them as they’ve gained two new happy customers.

Great work from the staff, PR team and everyone involved making this event happen, you can find further details of ‘The Infernover’ in the press release found here