The silver screen summer blockbusters are rolling in full force. Disney with a double salvo for your popcorn munching pleasure, Ant-Man and Wasp and The Incredibles 2. Pixar Studios’ Incredibles 2 opened in the UK this weekend to the glee of cinema go’ers following huge box office success stateside. The Incredibles 2 picks up the action straight from the get go where the original left off incredibly 14 years ago in 2004! With the Underminer drilling up through the streets ready to conduct a bank heist and destroy City Hall.
I don’t doubt there will be fan edit in the future, where they are fused together as a continuous movie, dubbed something akin to the ‘Incredible Epic’!

Pixar’s outings always carry a fun engaging story with mature themes about families in a way that both kids and adults can enjoy. The Incredibles this is doubly more so, as we are observing the lives of the Parr family. Struggling with the challenges everyone watching will be familiar with. Brad Bird delivers the writing and directing credit. With the original voice cast all returning. Animation visuals are superb.


Being a superhero is banned by the government, despite the events of the first movie and the high octane destructive opening, that remains the case. In steps media mogul and tech genius, brother and sister duo, Winston and Evelyn Deanvor. Who wish to privately employ superheroes, namely Elastigirl to be the face of the campaign. Giving the superhero a positive outlook in the media. A rather apt monologue delivered by Winston really speaks volumes of the current state of affairs here in the real world. It’s not the actions of the individual that matter. It is perception. The message carried by the media, if ones owns all the outlets’ everyone sees and reads. The ability to skew and manipulate the perception of events to how is entirely controlled by us. Their motives are a strong undercurrent of the main arc of the movie. Elastigirl now tied up as the breadwinning superhero, as a new supervillain emerges, the Screenslaver.

Leaving Mr Incredible Bob at their new home to juggle with the daunting tasks of dealing with the kids and domestic responsibilities. Violets teenage troubles with the complications of a first date. Dashs lagging behind on his homework of common core. Managing baby Jack-Jacks ever-evolving new powers. Samuel L Jackson returns as Frozone as does fan-favourite Edna.

There is a case to be said that the trusted formula of a stay at home bumbling dad, isn’t original. Much of the laughs are at his expense and Jack-Jacks antics. Pixar sequel movies haven’t always fared well compared to their original, with Toy Story being the exception. Incredibles 2, does hit home firmly into the familiar feeling and warmth of the first outing.



Aspects that stood out: Strong narrative of being a family. What it takes to keep a family together.
The stylish retro 60s spy-inspired artwork intro, even the Disney castle is coloured in the Incredibles costumed colours.
The technology of the world is very ‘Gotham.’ A mix of classic style of 1950s style cars and colourized silhouette buildings. Fedor hats. Rounded television sets. Infused with modern technology, mobile phones and high tech monorails.
Johnny Quest and The Outer Limits!

If you or a member of family suffer epilepsy, note: slight spoiler. may want to avoid a certain portion of the movie, with strobe lighting effects. As Elastigirl rumbles it up with the Screenslaver in an screen covered electric cage.
As with all Pixar movies at the cinema, there is a 5 minute short before the feature presentation. Entitled ‘Bao.’ Mutterings in the audience of “What is this, this isn’t the Incredibles!” Though there were a few teary eyed as it closed. An emotive story of a mother, remembering her son who had left home whilst she was cooking. With some stunning animation technicques and new technology being employed.