A cold chill hit Nottingham’s Theatre Royal last night as Peter James’ The House on Cold Hill was in town, these dark evenings were about to get even darker.

Theatre Royal was packed and everyone took their seats, the curtain goes up and the nightmare was about to begin.

The story is set a few miles from Brighton as family move into a historic Georgian Manor which had been left empty for some time, age hasn’t been on its side for the property and a lot of work needed to be done to renovate it to be able to be used for modern times, as we all need WiFi.

I was really excited to see this production by Peter James as I really enjoyed seeing Dead Simple back in 2015, I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed as the whole performance kept me gripped to my seat and entertained throughout.

The fact there wasn’t lots of different stage and costume changes to district, this meant that you got to fully focus with what was being said and performed by the outstanding cast of familiar faces.

Full of creepy lighting and sound effects throughout, you really got to see and feel any bumps in the night and there is quite a lot of jump scares so get ready.

Joe McFadden (Played the role of Ollie) put on a great performance making it believable that he was the husband who was just taken a back by how amazing the House was and tried to make it work whatever happened.

Rita Simons (Who played the role of Caro) really gave it her all and was outstanding from start to finish.

Charlie Clements (Who played the role of Chris) was my favourite star of the show, for the reasons that I’m a geeky kinda guy myself and I can relate to a number of things he did, well not all of them.

The rest of the cast also did an outstanding performance, making their roles totally believable and kept me entertained.

The fact that this was also made in modern times kept everything relevant and will work well with the younger audience, not that the older generation didn’t get the references either.

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” “Frighteningly Intense” 


Photo credit Helen Maybanks