I was really excited that we were going to see The Gruffalo’s Child with two very excited children, and a few very harassed parents. The hardest part for parents is getting the little creatures to their seats; it is an obstacle course of children running around, merchandise sales, ice-creams, pushchairs and booster seats.
We make it to our seats and collectively wish it entertains the children so we don’t have to fight them in their seats or chase them up and down the aisle. We should be ok, It’s The Gruffalo’s Child. The well-known book By Julia Donaldson and the illustrator Axel Scheffler are live at the theatre, I am looking forward to seeing my favourite character The Stick Man which is also a separate book but equally joyous to read to the children.
TGruffalo's_Child_production_shot_2he show begins with the mouse telling the story, the dark, loud appearance of the Gruffalo has a few children starting to cry and scream straight away. Within seconds the children have turned to laughter. The Gruffalo’s Child is looking for adventure and set off to find the big bad mouse. The costumes for the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child were a good design, the other characters were a basic outfit but recognisable. The play consisted of 3 actors who changed outfits accordingly to re-live the story.

The action included singing and dancing and encouraging the children to re-count the words from the book.
The stage was atmospheric woodland where the creatures were found throughout the story. The Stick Man was also played his part; the children enjoyed the show and were happy to remain still. The performance lasted for around an hour, which I thought was quite short, I feel that the other characters could have been given more of a billing has the children have their favourite section of the story. Overall it was a lovely show and the actors engaged with the children and managed to bring their favourite characters to life.


Set and costume design – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Good points – Children were entertained by the characters.
Bad points – Short performance, characters not given time to shine.

The Gruffalo’s Child
Theatre Royal Nottingham