It’s not very often that I see a film and not long after go to see a stage adaptation however, in the case of The Girl on the Train only a week ago I watched the film so I knew what I was kind of going to expect with the story, lets just say the stage adaptation didn’t disappoint.

The cast included Samantha Womack and Oliver Farnworth so some familiar faces, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house this was going to be one production I was really looking forward to see how they would pull this off.

Straightaway I noticed how well the staging and lighting was and how smooth the scenes would change which is something that can make or break a thriller/drama in my eyes as it can distract from what is going on stage, thankfully that wasn’t an issue and to team/crew behind the scenes made it look seamless so hats off to them.

Rachel Watson (Played by Samantha Womack) was longing for a different life and to step out of her reality, everything seemed to be lost or forgotten and her only break from the norm was to watch from the train as others live their lives wishing that she could be living it for herself.

With judgment clouded Rachel notices something wasn’t right with her dream live that she wished to have, but trying to get her point across seemed a impossible task.

This was without a doubt an incredible production and performance from all the cast, with some very powerful and emotional performances from Samantha Womack , John Dougall (Played the role of D.I Gaskill), Oliver Farnworth (Played the role of Scott Hipwell) and Kirsty Oswald (Played the role of Megan Hipwell), I was on the edge of my seat throughout the performance and the audience also seemed to not be disappointed too by providing them with a roaring ovation.

If you are a fan of productions like Ghost, you will like how the crew managed to transform the stage to a train and different locations, as well as the atmospheric lighting and sounds.

Regardless of if you’ve read the book, seen the film you have to get a ticket to see The Girl on the Train, don’t delay as this train wont be stopping for long here in Nottingham as you have until Saturday 25th May.