The Full Monty is one of my all time favourite films, it makes the depressing subject of redundancy, separation and body image issues seem so light-hearted it just proves that humour can be found if you laugh in the face of adversity. 

When I was invited to watch the stage show I jumped at the chance…for the humour aspect of course. 

Directed by Rupert Hill and starring Gary Lucy as Gaz, The Full Monty tells the story of Gaz and his best mate Dave (Kai Owen) who have been made redundant from their “job for life” at the steel factory in their hometown of Sheffield. Desperate to earn some money so he can continue to see his son Nathan (Fraser Kelly – amazing young actor!) I , with things turning sour between Gaz and his ex, Gaz must ensure he pays his child maintenance to try and avoid a court order. 

Upon seeing the local lasses enjoy a raucous night out watching The Chippendales, Gaz hits on the idea of doing their own male strip show…easy money…or so he thinks. Enlisting reluctant, body conscious Dave and other pals from job club including former foreman Gerald (Andrew Dunn), they set about recruiting more dancers for their show. 

Cue hilarious audition scenes, riotous rehearsals and a funky soundtrack! They even manage to make a suicide attempt seem funny – be aware one scene might distress those who are a bit more sensitive. 

During the audition process we meet Guy (James Redmond) his audition scene will blow you away and leave your mouth agape! Not giving any spoilers away but those of a nervous disposition may need to close your eyes. 

The show was brilliant from start to finish, the action definitely builds up to the fantastic finale. Staying pretty true to the film, The Full Monty stage show is a cheeky production you cannot miss.