Before I begin the reviewer, I think it’s best to note that I never really got into ‘The Escapist’ when it was first released on Steam. I bought it after watching a YouTuber play it, and never really got the same enjoyment the over-excited yelling YouTuber seem to got from it, so naturally I didn’t play it very much. When I was asked to review The Escapists – Walking Dead however, I had to stop and think: How does that even work?​As it turns out, it works out a little bit better than I was half expecting, as I found out by playing it. Playing it felt a little bit like an insane mix bag of different things, up-most it made me think was an Escapists Walking Dead really necessary? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice little concept which deviates away from the original game massively, but I don’t really see it standing on it’s own as much as I think it should be doing. Regardless, that’s enough rambling about two things from different spots on the spectrum fitting together, on with the game itself:


So I played the tutorial, and went straight into the first mission (or is it scenario?) being Hershels farm. I learnt that the Walking Dead version of the Escapists works, maybe less surprisingly, a lot like the Escapists. You stick to routines to keep your staff ‘moral’ up, which in turn stops the Walker horde knocking down your door. You go around finding objects, completing side objects like arming your men and providing them with odd curious like bits o’ twine or pillows which in turn makes them follow you around, or you can get to breaking a mental or physical sweat like you do in the original.

​I found it got a little repetitive for my pallet, honestly. It’s not very different to the Escapists, which I found a little dull. I wasn’t really given many incentives to play it, maybe because the characters are a little boring and lifeless, and the game consists of just basic routine while completing mundane tasks. More below.



There’ll only be one section on this review, primarily because the gameplay is the only thing massively different about the Walking Dead Escapists. That and a few extra ‘euuurgh’ sound affects from the zombies, and the plot which is taken directly from the series and comics. So as expected from the Escapists, and explained above, you go through routines for safety reasons, perform tasks to make your followers like you and help you more, and aquire odd weaponry for an ensemble of interesting crafting recipes.

image​There’s also some exploration into hidden areas, which is more of an option than a necessity, and trading with a lowly trader whilst working toward completing a main mission. There’s more crafting in this Add-on, and guns now, which seem mildly ineffective (taking several bullets for ONE Walker). I’m beginning to think that the near £15 price tag for this is a little steep, considering the sheer lack of content that it’s facing. New content, that is. It’s a massive shame actually. I’ve yet to see a game with the ‘Walking Dead’ title keep me fixated as much as the Telltale series’ did, and I’m a little disappointed that the Escapists was as disappointing as it was.

Score: 4/10



A lack of new features, with samey-feeling repetitive game features makes for a relatively boring game experience. Narrative is new, but taken directly from the Walking Dead but with an 8-bit pixel recoating. In the end, I don’t think it was up to my expectations.

End Score: 4/10