Yes its Friday the 13th so what a way to mark off the evening with a review from the latest horror flix ‘The Devil Inside’

Well was it scary ….? Not really , was there lots of gore …..? Nope none hardly , is it worth watching …. Not at all .
The story of the film is all a young woman who has a camera man with her doing a documentary about exorcism and trying to find her mother who was taken away from her at a early age because she murdered three people during a exorcism this was well documented in the local media. She was then taken away and kept under lock and key for her own safety as well as the safety of others in Italy. has then been locked away in Italy, there they can keep a close eye on her but she rarely gets visitors but for the young daughter her first visit isn’t what she expected.

Having made friends with two local priests who have practiced and done exorcism in the past they know about her mother and what happened to her , so she called about them to help her release the demons from within her.

If you have watched the trailer there is really no point in watching the film as all the best bits are in there, and nearly everything you see in the trailer is in the film anyway , the film was due out in January but got pushed back till march and all the posters that you see showing a blind nun you try and see her in the film of you blink you will miss her.

A lot of the time, other then the film being rubbish, was that it was also giving me a headache due to the fact they tried to make it as a documentary so the camera man wouldn’t keep the bloody camera steady, so be ready for a shaky cam time, and this was more annoying then anything else.


Its A Horror At Least


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