The wait is finally over, getting to relive more games from the past. The World’s best-selling Home Computer – Reborn!
This time it isn’t Sega or Nintendo that are trying to steal the limelight, its time for THEC64 made by Retro Games.

Retro Games the designers and makers of THEC64 range, Retro Games Ltd is made up of people with a combined games industry experience of over 100 years. Having successfully produced and released many games across many formats, such the C64, Spectrum, GBA, Wii and more. Members of the team also successfully bought to market the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console, and Nintendo Wii Virtual Console C64 games. Based in the UK but operating on a global basis.

Personally I never owned a C64 (‘Commodore 64‘) I had an Amstrad CPC 464 and then moved onto a Sega Master System and it went from there to other consoles and PC, however the Amstrad CPC 464 and the Commodore 64 had the same or similar games released on each so alot of the games that are included in THEC64 Mini I’ve seen or played in the past so I was excited to relive games like Monty on the Run and Everyone’s a Wally.


I must say the packaging and box art on THEC64 Mini is very nice indeed and its presented well, a lot better than other Mini consoles that have been released as it seems like they’ve put a lot of time an effort into it, with nice coloring and when you open the box you’re greeted by another box with The C64 logo.


Within this box you have THEC64 Mini unit itself and also a controller, the controller is slightly different to the original controller as there is more buttons that appear on this one, THEC64 Mini unit is a different colour to the original C64, the keyboard isn’t a working keyboard but hey that’s no real loss as I don’t think I will be able to type using any of the little keys anyway.

You get a USB power cable , HDMI cable and the instruction booklet, the unit is presented nicely with plastic and cardboard it just looks stunning when you open the box even before it’s powered up.

Powered Up

Now the box is opened and you’ve taken a look at the contents and get everything setup you’re ready to go, there two USB slots on the side of the unit and also a power button. Connect the HDMI to the back of the TV or monitor and then the USB power cable to a supported power source.

Once the power LED is beaming you are ready to go, you will be greeted with the language select screen and once you’ve selected the correct language the next screen is the main menu screen.

Here this displayed each of the 64 games that are included, and the display settings – here you can change how the game is displayed from European 4:3 / Pixal Perfect and also North American CRT to name a few, so just pick which display format you wish to use and then jump onto any of the 64 games.

The games themselves run perfectly the emulation runs smoothly, unsure if there is a little lag / delay following some of the control inputs however that could just be me being rubbish at some of the games.

If you wanted to, you could attach a USB keyboard but if you didn’t want to do that you could use the Virtual Keyboard by pressing button four on the joystick. Also being able to exit the game by using the joystick unlike the Nes Mini and the Snes Mini, as with those you have to press the reset button on the unit itself if you wanted to change games, however with The C64 Mini you don’t have to leave the sofa to change games.


You can save and load every game, and return to the game when you please. Each of the games show a screenshot and also the loading/title screen plus further details and deception of each game.

Updating firmware and adding additional games to the system are pretty straight forward, just follow the guide or the on screen instructions.

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All in all this is a great piece of kit and you can relive games you’ve played or experience games you’ve never heard of.

Presentation is lovely and the guys behind it should be proud of themselves as its 1000 times better than the Atari Flashback ranges and also the @Games Mega Drive attempts. So if you want to play the sort of games that hold found memories in many of our life’s then THEC64 is a must!

Why not take a look at some gameplay that I recorded earlier