My goodness this show started with a bang, please don’t say I didn’t warn you! Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner’s Oscar nominated original could be in anyone’s top ten favourites movie list, but how would Alexandra Burke, Benoit Marechal and supporting cast stack up as Rachel Marron, Frank Farmer and Co? How would The Bodyguard the Drama / Thriller (with songs) transfer to The Bodyguard The Musical? Pretty well as it seems!

Live Musical Theatre with a great cast and timeless  hit pop and soul songs would be pretty difficult not to enjoy, with the dramatic ‘gunshot’ start the movie back screen shows the story of Rachels meteoric rise as Soul Music Icon / Oscar Nominee and Frank Farmers ultimate professional career as bullet taking Guardian Angel, cutting to the seriously threatening stalker with designs on Rachel the  scene is set and the rip roaring songs commence as Triple Brit Award Nominee Alexandra Burke hits the stage dancing as the Strictly Come Dancing Finalist she was and singing with the full Chorus, a great showpiece start.

We are quickly introduced to Micha Richardson as Rachel’s sister Nicki,feeling hard done to with a lifetime bowing to her sisters talent and ambitions but here falling in love with Frank creating the pivotal love triangle in this version. Rachel’s Son Fletcher the all singing and dancing scene stealer, quickly becomes the catalyst in changing the business like relationship between Frank and Rachel as he recognises the father figure in their Bodyguard.

As the story moves on and the relationships develop the Stalker becomes bolder, the danger and tension grows, can Frank keep Rachel and family safe despite his now love for her? Individual musical numbers from Nicki and Rachel satisfy the hit seeking Whitney fans as the quality is maintained comic relief from Frank as he a sings a seriously painful version of the classic Dolly / Whitney “I will Always Love You” at the local karaoke and a great Rock Star Pose at the finish underlines Franks now re humanising. The Stalker is incensed by Rachel and Franks new relationship and breaches the security at Rachel’s house!! Frank relocates the family to his remote log cabin, but tragedy ensues when Niki is murdered. Frank is distraught he couldn’t protect the family, he tells Rachel it’s back to a business relationship.
Some of the most memorable songs from the evening include Oscar Night Queen of the Night, Gunshots Frank takes the Bullet and I Will Always Love You.

The show stopper is delivered and the transfer from movie to musical is complete with the final encore as the whole cast and audience up singing and dancing to “ I Wanna Dance with Somebody”  Stalker included! A great night out at the theatre for everyone to enjoy.