Patricia Woodhouse (Kelly Goudie) receives a letter noticing her of the death of her sister, a family feud kept her from seeing her sister Susanna Baylock (Karen Henson).

It was 1944 in England in the middle of a war, air raid sirens and planes flying over making everyone including Patricia uneasy. Patricia decides to pay her respects to her late sister by going to her home, she found Susanna’s home help Annabel Blair (Sarah Wynne Kordas) was still there, she was about to leave s her work was no longer needed by Patricia insisted she stayed to help around the house whilst she was there.

Patricia had been suffering from migraines for a while so was hoping a change of scenery who do her good, little did she know that the migraines where the least of her worries, there was a dark secret in the house and she wants to discover why odd things around the house have started to happen at the Baylock Residence before its too late.

What can I say, a very enjoyable film from start to finish, with all the jump scares and bumps in the night. The film keeps you guessing throughout why these strange things are happening, once you think you’ve worked it out something else seems to pop up and give you a jump scare or a red herring.

Written and directed by Anthony M. Winson, with great editing and use of locations, whilst speaking about the locations, the house used in the film was incredible, if the camera was just left on the floor in the hall way of this scary house throughout the film it would of been unsettling, so times that by 1000 because of what happens in the house itself and you have yourself a great horror.

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The sound has a spooky feel throughout making it set the scene, so if you like feels or stage plays like The Woman in Black then you will love this, I was on the edge of my seat before and wished for a cover to hide under as it is spooky at parts, trust me.

The cast and extras do a fantastic job, Sarah Wynne Kordas really put the chill up my spine, watch out for this one she seems to appear as if out of no where.

I was invited to the premier of The Baylock Residence at the Savoy Cinema Nottingham, it was the first time I had ever been to the Savoy Cinema and it couldn’t of been a better setting, it was dark and scary even before the film started, with red curtain and lighting making it look and feel like a hammer horror film was about to start, even though its not Halloween it was frighteningly good.