I had love The Addams Family as a child, the original tv series I mean, ye olde black and white, which is why I thought I would love to go and see a stage version…
Then I remembered that during my teens (for some bizarre and unknown reason), I had developed an irrational fear of Uncle Fester…yes the bald funny one of the kooky family…so I was then apprehensive about attending the theatre to relive nightmares and scary mental images I had.

The show opens to the familiar theme tune, you know the one – click click – although they didn’t sing it which was mildly disappointing. Uncle Fester appears and I get a knot in my stomach…I keep telling myself it’s just Les Dennis with an outfit on and it seems to work.

The stage story – or musical comedy as it is billed – is set a few years after we may have last seen them. Wednesday (Carrie Hope Fletcher) is all grown up and is now a beautiful young lady with a black heart that has thawed (a little) for her first love Lucas Beineke (Oliver Ormson). This was the kind of story one may not associate with The Addams Family, but I went with it.

Wednesday arranges a meet the parents dinner for her beloved family to not only meet the love of her life but also for the sets of parents to meet each other…The Beineke’s a good wholesome American family surely don’t belong in the spooky Addams household…or do they?!
Cue misdemeanours, misunderstandings and mischievous spirits as the two families meet for dinner, drinks and “THE GAME” *cue eerie echo*. Will Wednesday and Lucas’ relationship survive their parents differences…or even similarities?
Samantha Womack played the sultry Mortician brilliantly and had a lovely voice for the musical numbers, the sexy tango between her and Gomez (Cameron Blakely) was a joy to watch. Les Dennis (who I love) was a great Uncle Fester (who I hate!) and was suitably zany and raised giggles in the right places.

Of course Samantha and Les were the big name draw but I have to say Cameron Blakely as Gomez was by far my favourite on the stage, his comic timing was impeccable and he was just hilarious to watch and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I have to say it was the Gomez and Wednesday show. That’s not taking anything away from all of the other actors as they were all brilliant in character, but credit to Carrie Hope Fletcher and Cameron Blakely as I felt they commanded that stage. Special mention to Dickon Gough who played understated Lurch, he really brought the monster to life.
Spooky set, dancing zombies and sizzling singing voices, The Addams Family stage show packed to the rafters of fun, love and laughs. Reminding us of what true family values are and everyone has their own…no matter how ‘ooky’.

Set 9/10

Performance 9/10

Story 7/10