Thanks to the huge popularity of Strictly Come Dancing, many of the seasoned professionals get the opportunity to delight audiences across the country with various dance productions – none more so than Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace.

Adam Spiegel presents Tango Moderno, directed and choreographed by Karen Bruce. This is the fourth show since 2011 co-choreographed and starring Vincent and Flavia.

With Olivier Award nominations under their belts for past shows I was looking forward to (hoping for) something a little different than just a couple of former Strictly pros putting on a few show dances and telling some anecdotes and I was not disappointed.

You arrive to a stage set up for a theatre show so you are already anticipating some story telling. Tom Parsons delivers just that through song, poetic narration, wit, thought and guitar playing – taking us on a journey through modern day life and opening our eyes to dance being all around us if we allow music to be our guide.

Of course our guides through the troubles of life, love and loneliness were Vincent and Flavia as they glided effortlessly around the floor on their own as well as entwining with the very talented cast of dances as they all brought these tales to life.

Performing to a live band and accompanied by live vocals from both Tom and the talented Rebecca Lisweski we witnessed a wonderfully light hearted evening full of humour, extraordinary footwork from more than just a tango, painting (yes really) and the gifted violinist Oliver Lewis.

It doesn’t matter whether you know your tango from your waltz, whether you are pigeon toed or on point the performers deliver little stories that are easily recognisable in an array of dances from hip hop to quick step, Viennese waltz to contemporary and include the strife of the daily commute, keeping up with your neighbours and the stress of the modern day dating scene.

Notable numbers include the poignant “7 Years”, the witty “Three Handed Woman” and the “Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha” which highlights today’s obsession of the mobile phone.

The stand out performance of the night was of course the beautiful finale accompanied by Oliver Lewis on violin; Vincent and Flavia were breath-taking in the Argentine Tango it was flawless.

Captivatingly beautiful throughout, Flavia stole the show for me and it was an absolute joy to witness her elegance in person.

A true celebration of the arts – not just dance – Tango Moderno, Theatre Royal Nottingham until Saturday 27th January

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Photos by Hugo Glendinning