Back in the 90’s Micro Machines were a big hit with young kids including myself, racing little cars around the dinner table using anything and everything as obstacles to draw out my race track.

Nowadays in a digital world you can experience this without ruining your parents tablecloth and that fancy centrepiece doesn’t end up in a thousand pieces on the floor!
Table Top Racing consist of funky cars racing round a track of household items with power ups, similar to what you’d find in other racing games, with over 30 tracks, 16 upgradeable cars and 180 events to beat, theirs certainly a lot of fun to have with this game. It also includes split screen and online multiplayer so you can enjoy with a friend!

The controls are very good and feel very much like an arcade style game, unlike others I found, it’s not a case of holding a button down and moving the control stick the odd time, you will need to brake and turn wide to keep on the table!

I must say the cars themselves are very detailed and look great, the graphics seem very low end compared to its counterparts, but the amount of gameplay stuffed in it can be forgiven. One thing I would have loved to see, which many racing games leave out, would be a custom track maker.

I would definitely recommend picking this up for a quick racing game, to enjoy while on the move, races don’t last long so it’s great for short journeys or competing in a cup whilst on a OMG journey.

Young kids will definitely enjoy this game and enjoy competing with their friends or siblings locally or online.