Matthew Bourne brings his sensational, legendary Swan Lake ballet production to Nottingham. Having seen the ‘classic’ Swan Lake ballet performed by the English National Ballet in previous years, I already knew I loved it, but in experiencing Matthew Bourne production before I also knew I was in for something different…but very special!

Swan Lake tells the story of a princess who has been cursed to live as a swan, she falls in love with a prince who wishes to marry for love and break the curse so they can be together…not in this version. Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake has had a major 21st Century upgrade.

The lonely prince (Liam Mower), has visions and nightmares about swans, forever being shunned by his mother and made to feel he is unloved, so he sets off to find comfort in all the most unsuitable places. Seedy clubs are just not his thing, feeling rejected and out of place, he makes his way to the park. Noticing a beautiful lake, he plans to end it all by jumping in. When he does it opens up a whole new world for him.

I don’t want to give you too many spoilers as the magic is best kept secret, I will say that the performance will blow you away, there will be tears, both of laughter and sorrow. The whole thing was so powerful and moving, you are transfixed. Not only by the dancers – who are all breathtaking – but by the story, the costumes, choreography and of course the music – it will give you goosebumps.

Sold Out at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal,but if you do get the chance to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake in the near future, it is a must-see!

Story 9/10

Performance 9/10

Set 8/10