It was pretty sh*t from scene 1 to the last.

The opening was horrible, it felt more like it was advertising an ‘Best 100 Rock Tracks’ as every scene basically started with a popular rock song, I loved the songs don’t get me wrong, but it was so laughable that it was all they could do and the only way to build a scene was play a popular song that would get the feet tapping, and my head was shaking most of the other time.

Just thinking more of it, the ‘story’ was non existent, and the characters, for some big DC names were awfully introduced. I’m sorry but DC need to take a look at marvel with guardians if they wanted a rag tag group in a film this was down right ugly.
I didn’t have much hope for this with the trailers and the general fit so many people in at once, going on, but if you’re gonna have them, create a character, as “for the fans” doesn’t work if non fans have no idea and actual fans think they are shitly fleshed out too.

It was a massively missed opportunity, it’s a film that needed a few solo ones or series (aka marvel defenders) to create a better experience.

I’m seriously dreading justice league now.