Who doesn’t know the Sound of Music? What I didn’t know though, was that it was based on true events of the real Von Trapp family! I thought it was one of those lovely cheer up musicals with an elaborate storyline and lots of sugar…it is that too.

Set in the era of the Second World War, it tells the story of Maria (Lucy O’Byrne), a sprightly twenty-something girl who is studying to become a nun. Her singing and general happy nature grates on some of the other nuns, so Mother Abbess (Jan Hartley) encourages Maria to take a position as a governess with the Von Trapp family – to find out if being a nun really is her calling.

img_9812.jpgImmediately on arrival at the grand house of widowed Captain Von Trapp (Andrew Lancer), she makes an impression on him and all of the household. Insisting she won’t be whistled for and that the children must be allowed to be children, Maria brings a happy atmosphere to a previously structured household.

Maria immediately bonds with the seven Von Trapp children and frequently burst into song or dance, showing what talent they all have. The result sees Captain Von Trapp and Maria fall for each other – a fact Maria initially struggles with, but after a heart to heart with Mother Abbess, Maria realises she must follow her heart.

Whilst all this is happening, there is also the small fact of a pending war. With Hitler wanting to take Austria, Captain Von Trapp refuses to fly the Nazi flag and finds himself wanted my the third reich. The Von Trapp family are set to perform their musical talents at a show and the place was aflutter with tickets for Hamilton Musical show. This enables the family to plot an escape and start a new life away from the regime.

Packed full of head bopping songs such as ‘So Long, Farewell’ and ‘Do-Re-Me’, you can’t fail to be uplifted by this stage adaptation of the Sound of Music. I don’t have a favourite part as it was all superb! The singing voices of each member of the cast was amazing – but I have to say, Jan Hartley blew me away with her beautiful voice. Many times I turned to my friend and said “wow!” She is a voice to be reckoned with and sang like an angel. Andrew Lancer (who some may know from TV shows Coronation Street and The Bill), also surprised us with his velvet tones.

On until Saturday 24 September, Sound of Music is a must see!