The golden era of 70’s sitcom; I am not quite old enough (honest!) to remember all of the golden oldies, but I remember watching re-runs as a child. One of my favourite’s was ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em’ – Michael Crawford as hapless Frank Spencer was my favourite ever TV character, just the chaos and calamity that surrounded him, despite his best efforts. Frank Spencer became a family favourite too, so much so that one of our family members earned the nickname ‘Frank’ due to her babbling noises as a baby sounding just like the much loved character – a nickname that followed her to adulthood.

So, as you can imagine, I was looking forward to a bit of a giggle, considering the current state of things everywhere! I wanted to escape back into my childhood, laughing at plain daft things and just generally enjoying some on-stage antics.

I knew it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the TV series that we (some of us) know and love, and I thought there could only be one Frank Spencer – but I was pleasantly surprised. Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer was a brilliant choice. The best thing about it, Joe didn’t try to be ‘Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer’ he was Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer and it was brilliantly done. He didn’t need to try and imitate the character, he made it his own.

The set was a fantastic mock-up of a 70’s style house, complete with gaudy wallpaper, mis-matched furniture and pictures of 70’s idols. Whilst you could guess at some things that might fall or break, a lot of it was unexpected, causing great giggles in the auditorium.

Full of mishaps you might see coming (some you might not, I won’t spoil it) and double entendre’s galore, the stage version of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em is such a feel-good show and everything you would expect from a homage to the days of the 70’s sitcom. Written and directed by Guy Unsworth and based on the original TV series by Raymond Allen, I really hope that Guy and Joe team up and make this happen on the TV screens of today. Make it happen!

On until the 14th March – take a break from the madness of the world and watch a classic brought back to life. –