The last snooker game i played was Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker on the Amiga in 1991 , Yes that 28 years ago! so this i was hoping was going to be a decent game and a change from the normal genre i usually play now.

I have to say right of the bat the graphics looked impressive built upon the Unreal Engine 4, it looks well polished and a decent game. Included are all the known locations like the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing or The Crucible in Sheffield. They have included 128 of the sports top players and you would be hard pressed not to find your favourite to play as.

You are greeted with a decent menu, looks a little like the well polished fifa menus so you can find everything very easily, its all fully licenced as well which is a nice touch.

It does however have some elements missing that one would come to expect from a snooker game. There for example is no practice mode, no trick shot mode and i would have to say the camera controls are rather poor for such a game that would rely on a decent camera option as i just could not lineup my shots properly, for example i wold love there to be a top down view of the table.

The AI is very difficult, i have to say I’ve clocked a number of hours on this so far and it is a very punishing game for the novice. Get it wrong more than once and the AI will pot pot pot and you find spectator mode has been activated. I would also say the players are lifeless there is no personality in them at all they all act the same, there is none of the emotion in the game coming across in the match and that is shame because snooker is a competitive game and these characteristics are important for realism.

I did give mulitplayer a go but the count down on shots was far to short really could not get into it and needed far more time to line up my shots than they gave you.

Overall its a shame as i was hoping this would be a great game, unfortunately i am left rather disappointed as it has been clearly rushed out in time for the championship, I am hopeful they may develop it more and we may see a Snooker 20 which is far improved. This is a decent pick up for around £15 but i wouldn’t pay top dollar.