ItsMuchMore were invited to attend Derby University to view a series of short films, which I volunteered to go along to. 

I had no idea what to expect, my imagination had ideas of shaky films,overacting and random stories of objects. My friend and I arrived at the auditorium and were greeted with a warm welcome. We were invited to help ourselves to the nibbles and refreshments, which we did. It mainly consisted of chocolate and beer, No problem for us. We took our seats and could feel the excitement and the nerves taking hold of the contributors.
We had a short introduction from the host who gave a synopsis of what to expect and praise for all the hard-work. The first short film ‘Wands’ had a good story, I was impressed with the visual effects and the way it told the story. The acting was great knowing that they would have to add the special effects later.

The other films consisted of a series of different stories ranging from emotional problems, relationship turmoil and creepy stories.

The films that I enjoyed were ‘Boots’ which raised the point of getting out into the world and living it. A great positive message with a good visual perspective. I also enjoyed the main film ‘Shelter’ a post apocalyptic world. The setting was very atmospheric with the abandoned buildings. I loved the actress with her short clips of how time passes and how she keeps busy. We were surprised by the ending but the effects were convincing.

My friend and I were disturbed by one of the actors who did the creepier roles, he was very good at being a maniac jilted boyfriend,also scary in a short film with a nod to ‘Psycho’ and Alfred Hitchcock.

Overall the standard of the short films were better than I expected, they had worked hard on all aspects including settings, special effects, acting and mood of each story. A love of films and story telling was absolutely apparent. It would have been great to receive a programme to have some details of the films showing and all who took part.

A great way to spend a Friday evening, I wish them well for the future.


  • Sarah Wynne Kordas
  • Danny Clarke
  • Rich Milne
  • Marc Ward
  • Jade Boden-de Mel
  • Written by Jake Lee
  • Directed by Tom Barnett
  • Director of Photography Matt Sharratt

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