After a tiring day of packing and travelling with kids and dogs in tow, I wasn’t up for cooking any evening meals…besides, I am on holiday which means someone else can do the cooking.
Walking along the small Main Street of Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire, we saw the Sea Breeze restaurant nestled at the end of the main row, just before you get to the beach.
Being a small restaurant in a small seaside village I just expected it to be another samey pub/cafe type good disguised as a restaurant. I was very pleased to say I was wrong.

The restaurant is quite popular and had a lovely modern feel to it, looking at the evening menu there was a nice selection of dishes to choose from including steak, chicken supreme and salmon dishes. There was also a specials board which tonight included crab salad. I opted for the Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, this was served with a generous portion of salad with the lasagne being in a separate portioned dish, it tasted amazing, so fresh, the roasted vegetables were cooked to perfection and the cheese topping was just the perfect amount – not too stodgy.
Fresh vegetables and delicious, chunky homemade chips were also placed in dishes on the table for all to share, there was plenty to go around.
Upon being asked if I wanted dessert, my answer was “of course!”. The dessert menu is displayed on a large, golden framed blackboard which is left on a chair in pride of place at your table for you to peruse – maximum impact. I opted for the banana and toffee pancakes. This was honestly the best dessert I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a couple of desserts in my time. A large homemade crepe style pancake filled – no, stuffed – with sliced fresh banana, drizzled with toffee sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side – amazing! I was suitably full.

The food was not the only great thing, each member of staff was as lovely and friendly as the next and are definitely your “extra mile” type.
Superb quality food for not over the top prices, if you are visiting the east coast any time soon, book a table at the Sea Breeze restaurant in Sutton-on-Sea. It could become your new favourite, it is mine!