The Royal Shakespeare Company brings it’s contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal this week. 

Featuring a stellar cast: 
Afolabi Alli (Paris)
Ishia Bennison (Nurse)
Karen Fishwick (Juliet) 
Andrew French (Friar Laurence)
Bally Gill (Romeo)
Charlotte Josephine (Mercutio)
Nima Taleghani (Tybalt) 

Plus many more!!

Most people know the original love story of Romeo and Juliet, a tragic tale of love amongst a war (of families). The Royal Shakespeare Company have updated the tale for the present day to highlight the current rise of knife crime in England and Wales. The play speaks to young people, whilst the script is traditional Shakespeare, the gritty, urban set and costumes will feel familiar to younger audiences. 

Those who favour the traditional theatre stories, untouched and classic, will probably not appreciate the real feel and the mash up of modern realism with the famous writer’s time-honoured masterpiece. 

The actors were all amazing and Karen Fishwick played Juliet perfectly, she could have slotted into either traditional or contemporary versions with ease. Such believable emotion. 

If you are expecting romancing backdrops, flowing dresses and balcony scene (as some people in the audience were) then this version is not for you. If you are more open minded to contemporary, dub step, gender fluid versions then you will love this and I would recommend you see it or take the teenagers to see it. 

For more information on the Ben Kinsella Trust – a charity that works to highlight knife crime and the consequences of carrying a knife go to

Photo Credit : Topher McGrillis

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