Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show – A classic cult film that I grew up watching and have seen many many times on the screen, yet never caught the phenomenon that is the stage show!

N0DxqcCYgMBrYHsDIf3Qz9vnqXUlB5n0DTC5mZysQeQI was so excited to go and see it at the Theatre Royal, yet nervous at the same time. Why? As it is such a legendary stage show, fans of the show dress up – going the extra mile – and audience participation is a must, they encourage healthy heckles.
Dressing up in somewhat risqué (for me anyway) costume, I started to fret that I would be the only person there in costume, I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that wasn’t the case…in fact I was overdressed! The effort people go to for this show is amazing. Costumes full of imagination, attention to detail and plenty of humour – and this was just the theatre go-ers!
Rocky Horror is such a cult show that I am not sure I need to explain it, people of all ages know this show. I can briefly explain it as a Science Fiction, cult, rock and roll horror story that explores the then taboo of sexuality and secret pleasures. If you don’t have a little bit of weird in you then you will not like this show.
The atmosphere in the auditorium was electric, every time a character appeared on stage they got a huge cheer – this just proves how much love this classic show has.
Each cast member was perfect in their role, Diana Vickers as Janet gave innocence and freakiness in equal measure, with a cracking singing voice to boot. Ben Kerr played bumbling nerdy Brad Majors in tonight’s production and looked completely at home on the stage. An unforgettable performance by Liam Tamne as the one and only Frank-N-Furter, he was mesmerising to watch, even if he was in the background you couldn’t help but be drawn to see what he was doing. His voice was incredible as was his superb stage presence – camping it up and encouraging the audience participation. He also looked fantastic in stockings and suspenders!

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Steve Punt was a perfect pick for the dry, stoic narrator – although on one or two of the heckles he couldn’t help but giggle and engage. The rest of the cast were all just as amazing including the phantoms.

The set was dark and Gothic, perfect for the story – with glitter and sparkles to capture the extravagance and flamboyance of the show.
My favourite part of course was the Time Warp – almost every single member of the audience jumped up and joined in with the dancing – they also did it as a finale which was brilliant.
A fantastic show, great atmosphere – I am now converted to the stage show and the film may no longer do it for me.
Don’t take my word for it, if you are a Rocky Horror virgin then go book it now! Don’t dream it…be it!
Set 9/10
Performance 10/10
Story 10/10