After arriving at the Saturdays Play expo there was a definitely a buzzing atmosphere as gamers of all ages attended this event down at the huge printworks in the Docklands,

I would say what separates this event from other gaming festivals and events is this has a huge focus on the old skool and retro games of our youth and believe me this delivers in a big way, as soon as I finished queuing for what seemed less than 5 mins you’re greeted with the Back to the future time travelling Deloreon which is ready for photo opportunities and if you’re an 80’s baby or just like classic films you’d already appreciate this.

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Working our way through the main sections of printworks we’ve already noticed there are a huge selection of free play arcade machines and pinball tables from the 80’s, 90’s and right up to the 00’s and we was able to play most of the ones without too much queuing so major kudos to the organisers of this event as there was a fantastic selection of games to play for free. The games and trader stands were equally impressive as these all had their own dedicated section in the printworks and a lot of these were much you’d expect at most gaming events, this being different from retro markets as there was lot less people trying to score a rare game or memorabilia, for example I purchased a Sonic the hedgehog 2 concept artwork poster which I haven’t seen since the 90’s and believed this to be quite rare but even if it’s not I got the last copy of this in its size and I am quite chuffed with it.

Ash died a billion times playing Mega Man!

If you’re like me and you like a bit of multiplayer action I would recommend getting involved in the tournaments and they are completely free to enter and prizes are often given out (assuming you make the grade) as they are good fun and you definitely come up against some good competition, my perspective here was a lot of people trying their hand at games they hadn’t played for years but were equally happy to be a part of something as fun as this.

I’d recommend this event to anyone who likes to play games in general, they’ve nailed exactly what they were going for here and that was to re-live and get to grips with some of the best games of my childhood.

Further Details on PlayExpo London visit here

Photos by Travis Mason and & Ashley Maguire