Here is a mini review of the Peter Andre : Come swing with me 2016 Tour. This review talks about the two support acts Tiger Heart and Daughters of Davies plus the man himself Peter Andre.

Venue : Royal Concert Hall Nottingham

First off let’s talk about the first support act of the evening Tiger Heart. So the stage itself had not much going on and it was practically non existent so cannot comment, but this is normal for support acts in most cases.

 The ladies of Tiger Heart interacted well with the audience based on the demographic, but when the audience attempted to interact with them, they did however respond but it was more one way interaction and felt a bit flat, that could of been because people where still finding their seats or the arena wasn’t filled up too much by the time Tiger Heart performed.

Speaking about the girls now, two out of the three where slicker than the other, I couldn’t remember their names and unsure if they even announced each other when they begin, I’m sure they did but it was a long and enjoyable evening so sadly forgot their names (sorry girls), the reason I mentioned the slick’ness of the ladies was because of the them seemed to forget her words and only to smile when thought about it, this felt not natural, so this may of been rehearsed.

I must say that their song choices were good and to get the crowd really and in the mood, some of which were covers but their own music also left a lasting impression and would listen to again if heard on the radio.

All in all the girls did well, even though based on the fact that audience where old enough to be their parents, they may not have been the best choice but they put on a good performance none the less.

 After a little break we had Daughters of Davis, I really felt the sisters interacted brilliantly with the audience and made it more of their concert than just being a support act. Wow – can they sing, only a guitar and them singing was brilliant – very talented, you can see as to why they were part of this tour and chosen.

Adrienne & Fern as mentioned connected with the audience but this time they gave out free cd and dvd which was a nice touch, they also spoke about being support for Leona Lewis which made people more aware of what they can do and have done.

Both had excellent voices and original songs even the cover songs where made their own by their interpretations. How nice was this, they also spent time talking to people in the foyer whilst selling dvds and cds.

The Daughters of Davies where quirky which isn’t a bad thing but they were fantastic on the night and I would see again.

Now the main event, the headliner of the evening, Mr Peter Andre

What can I say… Amazing !

Starting off he took us through the years of his songs and career stating 25 years ago in Australia.

 Being called a ‘Come Swing With me Tour’ you guessed it all the songs where a Swing,Soul and often jazz theme, I must say it was a nice different way to hear the songs we all know and remember but with a different spin to them. Guess what he even sang Mysterious girl in a soul format – but couldn’t get away without singing it correctly ! Woohoo the audience loved it!

The stage design was kept retro with lights behind the band – effective but simple, it suited the type of songs and sounds for the evening. Andre had four changes of clothes throughout the evening, this was based on what genre he was singing at the time, he was always looking and smooth and silky as the music he was performing.

Andre’s live big band also put on a show themselves and interactived brilliantly with the audience – it was nice to hear the big band sound and blending it with pop songs just worked.

Peter Andre loves his fans and he even walked into the audience and had photos taken whilst singing.

On the event there was a technical problem but that was covered with him talking and telling stories about how he wrote certain songs, so it went unnoticed by many, so I feel there is no need to talk about it as it didn’t spoil the evening.

Peter Andre, appeals to everyone – lots of different ages which ranged from the older generation and I’m guessing enjoyed the big band style, oh and you had later generations of the family along with them such as their Granddaughters etc where near us – both like him and enjoyed the concert dancing the night away.

Amazing night – would recommend anyone to see him even if you don’t like his normal music, but if you do you properly  already have your tickets or soon will be.

Bullet point review by Charlotte Wells, main review edited and converted by James Jarvis