A favourite among many whether that be of the book or play, Of Mice And Men tells a story of two men George and Lennie travelling across the country in search for a better life for themselves, trying to earn themselves some money to make their dream turn into reality.

George (Played by William Rodell) finds himself having to move from job to job because of Lennie (Played by Kristian Phillips) in his words being dumb, making it difficult to find work or keep it once the employer realises Lennie isn’t all the ticket.

imageDropped off the bus a some bit away from a ranch which was their next attempt to secure a job, here they wanted to earn some money to enable them to own land for themselves and not having to work for a boss or someone else.

Here at the ranch there were lots of guys and only one girl, which most of the men had their mind made up what sort of girl she was. The boss (Played by Neil McKinven) of the ranch gave these guys a chance to work there but fitting into the group seemed some what difficult as Curley (Played by Ben Stott) wanted to prove a point and also make sure that they stay away from the only girl at the ranch which was his wife (Played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson).

This was the first time I’ve seen or read anything about Of Mice And Men so I was going in blind but when spoke about it people all this you will enjoy it. I’m glad I got to experience it for myself, with a powerful and enduring story which will play with your emotions from start to finish. There was a love hate relationship between the two leading guys which lead to plenty of funny moments making the packed audience at the Theatre Royal Nottingham laugh and show their appreciation for such a well crafted performance.

imageIn my reviews I do like to mention the stage design and lighting effects, the layout of the stage was simplistic but effective, with the lights and colours in the backdrop making it feel like you were in a corn field in the hot sun whilst heated exchanges were being made by friends George and Lennie.

The full cast performed well on the night, also using stage props to add the sights and sounds of being in a cowboy like ranch in America, that being said the accents on a number of the actors were a bit hit and miss but that didn’t spoil what was a great show.

Famous on the stage and screen Dudley Sutton played the role of Candy along with his dog Benji, audiences liked to see a familiar face doing what he does best by entertaining the crowds and the fact there was a real life dog one stage too, meant there were plenty of smiles amongst the audience. imageSpeaking of Candy most of the female members of the audiences enjoyed the ‘eye candy’ that was Jonah Russell who played the role of Slim, he too performed well making Of Mice And Men an all round stella performance by all cast members. Also have to mention Dave Fishley who played the role of Crooks, whenever he was on stage kept me laughing and played the role perfectly.

If like me you haven’t read the book or seen anything about the play previously then you will enjoy every minute of Of Mice And Men, but if you liked the book then you’ve most likely already got your ticket and will be in for a fantastic evening.

You must experience Of Mice And Men on stage!