I am very lucky; I get to see Cinderella at the Theatre Royal twice this year! The first occasion was the Northern Ballet’s production of Cinderella.

The scene opens with Cinderella as a happy-go-lucky little girl, playing outside, enjoying her birthday and happy with her family – father, step-mother and two step-sisters.  After her step-sisters tease her, she loses her beloved scarf, an item that is precious to her, her father wanting to cheer her up goes to find the scarf, but as he finds it a terrible accident befalls him. Shot (accidentally) by hunters, Cinderella is devastated.

Cinderella only has her step-mother and step-sisters to turn to, but the grief-stricken step-mother blames Cinderella for the death of the family patriarch. The wicked step-mother treats Cinderella like a slave, forcing her to clean and cook for the family, cruelly separating her from the warmth and love of the rest of the household.

Still, the annoying step-sisters torment Cinderella but deep down wanting to love her, only the fear of their mother preventing them from doing so.

After all of the ladies in the house receive an invitation to the Royal ball, excitement is at fever pitch. But of course, the evil step-mother scuppers Cinderella’s plans to attend, ripping up her invitation and insisting she clean a mountain of pots and pans.

Bereft at missing out on the ball, Cinderella plunges into despair…but then her saviour magician appears and ensures she can go to the ball after all! At the ball nobody knows who the mystery woman with the glass slippers is, but the prince falls under her spell. However, frightened off by the wicked step-mother and her daughters, Cinderella makes a run for it, leaving a shoe behind. When the prince goes in search of his mystery love, he is in denial that it could be a scruffy servant girl, but when Cinderella produces the other slipper; he is in shock and can’t believe that she is his dream girl. Cinderella is once again left distraught that the prince scoffed at her. But, true love wins and his grovelling apology makes a difference, leading to their happy ever after.

This version of Cinderella felt so magical, with its winter wonderland themed stage set and the beautiful Christmassy costumes. The ice skating scene was truly mesmerising. The dancers were full of elegance and you wanted to look at all of them simultaneously. With a few magic tricks thrown in, it was truly spellbinding.

The alternative ‘Fairy Godmother’ was excellent; I almost wanted Cinders to walk off into the sunset with them and not the prince.

The ballet is always a lovely experience, but the timing for this version of Cinderella is perfect, just to get you in the mood for the Christmas season to come.

Photo Credit – Emma Kauldhar

To book tickets and for more information visit – https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/nb-cinderella/