Back in the times before we knew, nobody believed the world was mapped the way it was and that it was of a spherical shape (although there’s a strange rumour of a flat earth has surfaced again…) Neo Atlas attempts to recreate those old times, where you take control of trading company in Portugal, sailing the high seas sending your fleet to new areas and creating trade routes with different cities and products, making as much money as possible and filling the map up to your creation.

Money can be easily made once you have figured out how the game works, sending your admirals to explore hidden treasures is a great way but it is much easier to create good trade routes, and then from the new products made to trade those as well. Be warned, using the same item on multiple trade routes can make it run out, so it’s good to be diverse. You may also run into pirates and other things to set you back along the way! You can combat these with products you make on trade routes like new cannons and weapons.

What I have noticed whilst playing is that you can get a bit lost between quest lines by skipping dialogues so it is important to get into the novel side of the story. Which leads me on to the annoying advisor Miguel! He’s very cautious about going bankrupt and is not afraid to tell you so very often! I also found some of the menus can be a little awkward when first starting off.
I think that after a while of playing the more you will get into the game, the first hour is a bit tedious and feels like a big tutorial but it definitely gets more fun further into the game. It’s definitely a game that can be played at small intervals, although if you get hooked you could be on for hours!

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