Much loved classic ‘My Fair Lady’ has come to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. Nottingham Operatic Society’s adaptation is on stage this week featuring favourites such as ‘I could have danced all night’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be loverly’. 
Cockney flower girl Eliza Dolittle is literally plucked from the streets by pompous Professor Henry Higgins to be made into a lady suitable for high society functions. Having made a bet with his new friend Pickering that he can make this transformation, he works day and night to give Eliza the transformation from “guttersnipe” to gorgeous in six months. Unfeeling, unkind and uncaring Higgins appears not to care a jot for the girls feelings, something Eliza soon realises, but are they both good for each other really?

The singing was amazing, and the portrayal of both Eliza and Higgins was uncanny, it was however a little too long. There was a long time for act one, at one point I thought they were doing the whole show in one go. I feel it could have been shaved down a little and some less important or lengthier bits shortened so be prepared for a bit of numb bum. That said, it was enjoyable to watch and the audience were laughing and singing along. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoyed the film.