Another fantastic Tabs Production show, this thriller from Francis Durbridge was published in 1976 and many twists and turns to keep an audience entertained, with an unexpected ending that even I was surprised at!
The story behind the production is about a man who’s had a bit of “fun” in his life Larry Campbell, who’s had multiple affairs over the years and has made a few enemies along the way. One of these men is David Ryder, who’s wife had an affair with Larry that also fell ill whilst with the latter and
passed away. Ryder holds Larry accountable for his wife’s passing and has plotted a way to kill him. Using George Rudd to steal and recreate a key to Larrys flat and lying about the reason he needed it. With Rudd keeping a close eye on the flat and the multiple people entering over the show he attempts to blackmail Ryder and others in the show. The show really kicks off after the murder with many theories of who killed Larry, the suspicions from an “inquisitive” inspector and if Larry was actually killed or not.

The stage was set out between Larrys flat and Ryder’s partners home Jo Mitchum. It was very well set out with scene changes being flawless and the lighting working well between the sets. The murder scene was bang on with the lighting flickering with the TV and the shadow of Ryder sneaking through the door was brilliant. I’d also like to point out Chris Sheridan for his outstanding acting as George Rudd, making his character very much true to life. The inspector played by John Goodrum was also very funny, and although may have been a bit “panto” style, really did show that he was very clever underneath.
I would like to say that the show did start off a bit slow. It seemed to take a very long time explaining the different characters background, without the characters even being shown until later on. I found myself getting a little confused as to which characters did what for a little bit before it all kicked off.

I also thought the murder scene could of done with fake blood however, I can forgive this though, washing fake blood out of clothing is a nightmare!

If you have the chance to see this show, I’d definitely recommend it, although starting slowly the second act really makes up for it. The lies, deceit and blackmailing really makes the characters shine and the production as a whole is fantastic. You will find yourself trying to piece together what happened and each time you will be thrown off the scent and find yourself hooked into the story.

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