I’ve got to say I really enjoy Forsaken Games titles, especially Hexagravity. With another indie special, Monster Puzzle is an easy to play simple game that can cause lots of headaches with cute graphics behind it.

You play as a little monster called Trekkie, who is trying to collect the dreams of his friends before nightmare monsters steal them. To collect the dreams, you have to navigate him through different tile puzzles, some that may break after being stepped on. Whilst it sounds simple, the more levels you beat, the harder the puzzles become!

Controls are very simple, using the directional buttons to navigate the tiles but you can also change the camera angles and zoom in to help you figure out the puzzles. It can definitely help on some of the harder levels!

Whilst the game itself plays well, I would like an option to speed up Trekkie. His movement is a little slow for my liking, it would also be cool to be rewarded with either alternate outfits or colours for Trekkie for hitting certain requirements like beating a level within a certain time or limited Turns.

I would definitely recommend picking Monster Puzzle up to kill time on a bus journey or whenever you have spare time, even the young ones will enjoy playing as Trekkie and working out the puzzles. With a free demo also available, it’s worth giving it a go if you’re still unsure.