This will play with your mind and also keep you thinking till the very end. Angela Browne Ltd in association with Tabs Productions presents Anthony Horowitz’s Mindgame. As everyone took to their seats, eerie music started to echo around the theatre which already made the hair on my arms stand up, giving the sense of being in somewhat of a metal hospital.

With a host of familiar faces if you’ve seen any of the Classic Thriller Season’s which normally visit Nottingham on their tour, I already knew that I was in for a stunning performance and I wasn’t disappointed.

There were moments which made you jump, moments to make you smile and moments which kept you second guessing, this was a well worked out production so if you’re a fan of productions such as Mousetrap or The Woman in Black you will enjoy how the production of Mindgame was performed. The lighting and sound played an important part as well as the smooth transitions of what was going behind the stage as well as on it, which also added to the drama and comedy moments.

Andrew Ryan (Who played the role of Styler) was outstanding as he always is whenever I see a production with him in, giving a strong performance as well as throwing in a element of humor.

Michael Sherwin (Who played the role of Farquhar) was intense, he really gave a great performance, normally when I see him appear in the Classic Thriller Season I personally feel he gets overshadowed but the other cast, thankfully as there was only three cast members he was able to shine and this performance really stood out for me and would love to see him doing more roles like this.

Angie Smith (Who played the role of Paisley) did a solid performance, keeping the balance between the other two cast members in place which was a breath of fresh air to step back to normality at times.

The staging and costume design really as previously mentioned gave it the look and feel as if we were in somewhat of a Doctors office in a mental asylum or hospital, great work to Sarah Wynne Kordas who has been credited as the Designer of this production.

Lighting and Sound always plays a part to build suspense and atmosphere to any thriller and here it was on top form, impressive lighting credits to Michael Donoghue and the sound to David Gilbrook, I really want to get a copy of the music that was being played before and after the performance as I enjoyed it in a spooky kind of way.

I personally feel if you like to second guess yourself to figure out what is going on or if you like Who Done It’s then you will really enjoy Anthony Horowitz’s Mindgame.

The tour leaves Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on the 15th June so you haven’t got long to see this great production, this will then move onto Bromley.

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