One of the first games indie games I picked up on Nintendo 3DS was Gunman Clive, made by Herbert Productions. I really enjoyed the Wild West platformer and the boss battles were very tricky. Their latest game brings all the tricks of those missions and puts them back to back, and twice as hard!

You play as a member of a resistance team, fighting off all these huge megamechs to save the world… Although you are pretty much doing this single handily considering the rest of your team got thwarted by the first megamech of the game!

Basic controls of the game are quite easy to get use to, like many point and shoot games you can aim in a direction and your character will shoot that way, but later on in the game you get added bonuses of double jumps and wall climbing. Although the megamechs tend to have similar weapons, they are all very different in the way they use them and the way you have to beat them. You will find yourself seeing the game over screen many many times and your frustration growing larger when you think you’ve figured out the fight pattern, then it throws a spanner in the works.

The cel-shaded designs work very well in the game that really make the mechs stand out and with the over the top explosions and reactions it really makes the game quite immersive, if you ignore the bland backgrounds. Most of time you will be too busy to take in the graphics as the megamechs will be causing you a lot of problems.

The game does include local multiplayer which is drop in/drop out and works seamlessly. Although the characters do seem a little too close in design it can be a trouble figuring out where you are on screen, especially in tabletop mode. It is 2 player only, which I feel is okay considering you use a joy-con each but 4 player co-op would create some brilliant over the top action! Online multiplayer is a big miss here as it would be great to contact a friend to help when struggling against the same mech for the 50th time…

If you like puzzles and shooters this is definitely worth a buy, but I will say this game is very tough and you will get very frustrated if you get stuck on a megamech. At least you can bring a friend to try and help… Or get even more annoyed!